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Hey there! I'm Dave Brown, AKA railworks2. I'm a British Roblox developer.
Welcome to my portfolio, a collection of the work I've done before.

Feel free to look around and reach out if you have any questions or queries.
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Silicon Digital

September 2022 - August 2023
Quality Assurance Engineer

Leading the development of QA with a quality assurance team, allowing for our and our partner's projects to be tested with a high range of devices. Developing systems in place to programmatically and manually test systems to identify issues and rectify prior to production use where possible. Developing systems to maximise productivity while reducing errors and bugs using automation and human testing. Writing unit tests to reduce workload and decrease time to production.

Unfortunately, due to organizational restructuring, my position was eliminated.


September 2021 - December 2022
Bot Developer - Twitter

Created and managed the Twitter side of Status+. Provides the latest statuses about Roblox's API to major Roblox sources of information including Bloxy News, RobloxRTC and the largest's unofficial Roblox Discord.

Successfully communicated with Discord to provide official bot verification.
This bot programmatically creates both the Tweet and image based on the data provided from Roblox's API endpoints.


These are volunteer positions

May 2018 - April 2022
QA Tester

Worked with QA Lead to identify bugs for Roblox and developers, including confidential and public experiences as a team and as an individual. Communicated in detail any relevant bugs present within an organised spreadsheet.

Oct 2019 - Oct 2020
Community Post Approval

Reviewed the inbox of Post Approval within the Roblox DevForums, reviewing posts from the community, taking a deep review of the details of the provided post to choose if it was acceptable to be posted, communicating with these community members and my fellow teammates on these posts where additional opinions were required. Also provided ideas and resources to handle the inbox as new requests come in, communicating with Developer Relations and engineers where required.

Unofficial Roblox Discord

May 2019 - October 2021
Senior Community Moderator

This is a volunteer position

Ran community moderation for over 600k members. Maintained a stable and secure environment for all users. Proposed and assisted with changes for the server to maximize community engagement and moderation efficiency.


Apr 2018 - Dec 2020
Vice President

Preformed administrative business functions, including taking meeting notes and completing financial documentation. Successfully sought, managed and communicated commission work for co-workers as required.

Resigned to move to a different career path.

Polymatic Labs

Feb 2017 - Nov 2019
COO and Finance Officer

Responded to customer questions and completed company invoices, managed several sub-teams including support and QA. Confidentially communicate hiring choices and internal documentation for success of the business, including meeting notes and internal standards.

The company disbanded later in the year.

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